Shade Dri - Protective Fabric Products for Wood

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Shade-Dri® Protective Fabric Products
Shade-Dri is an inexpensive solution to an expensive problem.Shade-Dri®is an inexpensive solution to an expensive problem. It is reusable, UV resistant woven polypropylene fabric. The fabric protects lumber from the sun, wind, rain and dirt while air drying. In doing this, it keeps the wood from checking while keeping it bright and clean.

Many customers have said that they have saved more than the cost of the cloth by not having to sharpen their planing blades so often. Shade-Dri® is also used to enclose open-sided pre-drying and storage sheds to keep the elements off the outside stacks of lumber.

Shade-Dri fabrics are in use throughout North and South America and Europe.Many companies are also using the custom made fabric to cover logs. On hot days, the temperature is up to 15 degrees cooler under the cloth. This allows extra time for scheduling while protecting the logs from the sun. The usages vary, but the result is the same - a higher grade lumber that demands a better price.

Shade-Dri® is used throughout North and South America and Europe. If you would like to know of others in your area using Shade-Dri®, we will be happy to furnish you a list upon request.

Shade-Dri helps elininate surface and end checking.Wrapping freshly sawn lumber in Shade-Dri® regulates the atmosphere around the wood and allows the wood to dry from the inside out.

The use of Shade-Dri®, combined with standard drying practices, should virtually eliminate surface and end checking.

Shade-Dri® is a registered trademark of Cornelia Textiles, Inc.
Methods for inhibiting lumber checking are covered under US patent numbers 5,363,568, 5,491,958 and 5,699,646
Canadian Patent numbers 2,086,807 and 2,193,190

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